Wilful wrongful diagnosis and its aftermath

Christine MacVicar

My son had obvious problems since childhood and was placed in the local mental hospital at 16 for assessment. They could not diagnose him. At 29 he was privately diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and over the next 20 years had a large number of private investigations which reveal genetic detoxification problems and underlying metabolic and immune conditions. We believe he was given mercury in eye drops as an infant and child, but the case notes are missing.

Despite now having five internationally recognised professors of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and neuroscience produce reports for us, our local NHS psychs labelled him with ‘schizophrenia’ after filling him full of drugs which they knew he could not metabolise. They produced a Risk Assessment which was libellous but managed to convince a Tribunal to give a Section. He got Recorded Matters to have further investigations carried out and our Health Board refused to do this. In all, the Scottish Mental Health Act was breached 10 times. I can give details. Appeals to the Mental Welfare Commission, Equality and Human Rights Commission and Lord Advocate have been ignored.

The Tribunal were told that my son would need special monitoring of blood for any drugs given, as he had a rare condition. Not only was this not done, but standard monitoring was not done and has never been done.

A private neuroimmunologist wrote to NHS psych re recent finding but was ignored. The NHS guidelines were changed in June but we were told that it would not apply to my son. They then tried to stop access to the neuroimmunologist.

My son was being given Risperidal and had gained 6 stones and has Parkinson's tremors. This drug and the community placement he was in was making him suicidal. At this point my son and I absconded to Spain to seek medical care for his immune, metabolic and inflammatory conditions. He has reduced the Risperidal, but will take medical advice from staff who understand WHY he is ill as to whether he will be able to do without this in the long term. Already he has been told that they are unable to treat him for what is making him ill, as the combined drugs would be a strain on his heart. Johnson & Johnson are being sued elsewhere for fraudulent safety studies on this drug. Why is nothing happening in UK?

The story of my son appeared recently in several newspapers. All this has achieved is that our local NHS and Social Work want to remove my son from any contact with me. I can supply all the reports or names of the professors and doctors involved with my son.

Several psychiatrists and lawyers are saying that we need to get his case to court. We are in a situation now that the Section will have to be dropped in 18 days, but the police will not say whether he will be arrested if he tries to return home after that. Despite the fact that we both were front page in a Sunday page, he is classed as a missing person. His benefits are being stopped although we are in the EU.

My son is Andrew MacVicar and I have his full permission to disclose this.