Schizophrenia has much to teach us


In 1997 I encountered a man from Italy who had a profound impact on my life and whom I thought was connected telepathically with me. I was 32 at the time. By 1999 I was diagnosed schizophrenic as the voices in my head were taking up much of my waking life and preventing me from functioning productively or parentally (my eldest was taking A levels!).

Learning the essentials of quantum mechanics from following the directives of these auditory 'conversations', I nevertheless lost a lot of weight and obviously could not function in dual reality. So I made a break for it, flying to Italy to confront (who I thought was) the instigator of all my troubles, discovering he was nothing to do with it at all, and flying back with a definitive vow to recover my life and leave the voices behind. in 2002 I left the entities at Gatwick airport and came back to restore my family and my future.

Since then I have designed and delivered Empowerment courses very successfully to hundreds of people, positively affecting possibly thousands more lives through the ripple of cause and effect. I continue to study quantum mechanics and will stay on this learning path all my life, for I believe such understanding is intrinsic to our development and evolution. I am currently in the process of instigating new support groups for people with schizophrenia while continuing to live a happy and productive existence, as living proof that recovery is not only possible, but that schizophrenia has much to teach us.