The role of trauma and abuse


I had been in a relationship where I was assaulted several times. This experience was life shattering. I had trouble trusting men. I was traumatised and grieving but putting up a brave face. I was also suffering from a debilitating skin condition that had covered much of my body. After a period of time I started seeing someone else. To me he was my life raft. When I decided that my new boyfriend was a little strange and that he wasn't a stable person for me to build a life with, he got a sense that I wasn't interested in him and contacted my family "worried" about me.

My family went into a panic. They visited me and said they wanted to bring me home. I didn't know what had brought this on as I didn't know what the boyfriend had said to them. They just scooped me up and sent me off to an outpatient psych service late one night after picking me up. So I did what they wanted perplexed and betrayed. I had been through a traumatising experience and no one thought to advise me that I should be seeing a councillor. There I was being asked strange questions, mathematical problems etc. I was peaking. No one asked me the one important question: "have you recently experienced a truamtising experience?" I would have answered yes and proceeded to tell them of 18 months of embittered battles with my ex, while holding down a job and trying to live a normal life, not telling anyone what my life was like. I was a grin and bear it girl. Instead after a few days of appointments a doctor asked me: "Do you have anyone in your family with a mental disorder?" I said there was two with schizophrenia. Then I was diagnosed with schizophrenic psychosis, later to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, after another violent relationship had left me traumatised once again 10 years later.

Is it possible I was suffering with a trauma based disoder from assaults and abuse? Should I be suffering every day with debilitating side effects of soreness in my joints and muscles, and a weight problem, just because I have been through a couple of very difficult times?