Living with 'hallucinations'

Yassin Zelestine

I was a university student in the 1990s. I am mixed race. My living conditions were poor.

When I finished university I went home to my parents and started working in London. I felt isolated and under pressure. I contracted a virus. I was very physically ill, which included auditory and visual hallucinations, and exhausted. Also, I was being bullied by these girls on the train to work. The hallucinations did not go away. Eventually I was taken into psychiatric hospital. I have been admitted three times.

The last time I was admitted again I felt isolated and depressed as I had reported to the police about being followed and harrassment from a group of people - facts which many refuse to believe because of the diagnosis. However it is absolutly true there are people who follow me, in cars and turn up in places where I am to denigrate my character and harrass me. In hospital although some were nice, some of the nurses denigrated me also.

My mind is sharp and I am intellectual and creative. I do not believe in the diagnosis. I get very depressed with anxiety, that is true.