I managed to get schizophrenia diagnosis changed

Odi Oquosa

My diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’ was changed by my psychiatrist because of my persistence, of not acknowledging the diagnosis.

I think the issue was that I was angry towards the psychiatrist for not acknowledging my cultural knowledge or way of life. When I look back, I will say that I have been lucky; maybe I was able to show them some proof, for example, by running art, music and shamanic workshops in hospitals and community. I think by doing that it helped me understand the medical culture and myself. I was able to make my presence felt in a positive way.

Right now I am studying for a social science degree at Brighton University, so that I can be able to influence policy change. I am glad they didn't force medication on me. Every time they offered it to me, I always said no. Over time, I was able to build friendships with [my local trust] chief executive, mangers and clinicians. They have supported me in my journey of setting things straight.