Entirely inappropriate

Gillian Brightmore

There is current research going on in Japan that has been published recently that makes the label of 'schizophrenia' entirely inappropriate. A person there who was so-called 'schizophrenic' was taken off his medication to have a course of antibiotics. While on these, his symptoms disappeared. When he was put back on his psychiatric medication when infection cleared he was again,'schizophrenic'.

Surely this indicates that the medication now given for the condition is entirely inappropriate? Further research is now been carried out.

The trouble with these labels given by medical professions, such as 'psychosis'  and 'schizophrenia', are that these are for the convenience of the profession and that these are then dangerously applied with medication into which no proven research has been carried out. Will it ever be with that the drug companies will work hand in hand with the medics?