A different understanding


I experienced a situation which my doctor labelled schizophrenia in 1998/9, whereby I was conversing with some kind of consciousness beyond this dimension which I still cannot identify as we do not have the scientific knowledge. However, these conversations gave me information and instructed me to seek more knowledge as a result of which I am now conducting courses (very effective courses, I might add, with exceptionally high feedback scores) to empower employees in the workplace with the added bonus of helping them to make more of life at home as well. I can give many examples of the kind of information I was given and encouraged to learn in those early years, but this would take too much space here.

I believe that many people experiencing similar 'contacts' are labelled schizophrenic, given drugs with dreadful side effects, and shunned by friends and family, and that this situation is exacerbated by the pharmaceutical industry as their 'treatments' are lucrative. I had to take measures to prevent my mind from engaging in two dimensions at once as this compromises one's ability to function effectively in daily life - we cannot communicate effectively with people while experiencing such interference and we neglect the basic duties of 'normal' living.

I have sought to develop and facilitate courses for people diagnosed with schizophrenia so that my experiences, together with my capabilities as a training facilitator, would help others to free themselves from the traps of this condition, but so far I cannot find an organisation interested in pioneering such a programme. I hope that your initiative may forge a link with someone who believes as I do that such a course is not only useful, but vital, since none exists at present, and will enter a dialogue with me to explore the practicalities.

Thank you for raising these important questions.