The debate should be wider

A supporter

I totally support the need for an inquiry into the schizophrenia label.  However, I think the debate and inquiry should be much more wide ranging.  

I had previously been diagnosed with the label of schizophrenia when I was 19 whilst suffering my first breakdown. This was changed to depression and anxiety when I was 20. I recovered, but when I became ill again aged 35, my label changed to borderline personality disorder. When I was 48, I suffered another breakdown and it changed back to depression and anxiety.  Then I got a new psychiatrist who changed it back to borderline personality disorder. My therapist changed it to PTSD with comorbidity of depression and anxiety.  

I reviewed my inpatient notes with an experienced psychiatric professional who was alarmed to note no clinical evidence to support the change back to BPD. More worryingly, many of the observations made after that point were highly subjective and appeared to be written to support the diagnosis rather than factual objective statements.  

There are wide-ranging implications for people with the labels of schizophrenia, personality disorder and some other labels.  However, it would appear that people are queuing up at their doctors to be labelled as bi-polar disorder due to it's popularity amongst well known celebrities.

I wish the diagnostic manuals could be torn up and a more meaningful method used to help alleviate the mental distress experienced by some people.  Especially as many of the drugs produced for mental health are used 'off label' . I am taking 3 different medications. A mood stabiliser, an anti-psychotic/mood stabiliser and an antidepressant, yet NICE guidelines say drugs are not recommended for BPD and my psychiatrist tells me that my 'voices' are of a non-psychotic nature.