Crime against humanity


It is a crime against humanity to give a profession of pseudoscientific neo-phrenologists the unlimited right to forcibly rape the brains of any human being in society they choose to label and smear, as with 'schizophrenia' label for the 'crime' of daring to experience extreme states of mind.

This label decimates the humanity and equality of millions of people who have had this label put on them, usually forcibly, in a relationship with a quack psychiatrist forced on them by the 'mental health' laws. The destruction this label has caused is up there with the worst of racism and prejudice in human history. Psychiatry as usual, needs to hang its head in shame. Some people have extreme emotional problems, true, some people believe things that are not believed by all others, true. This is not a disease.

These problems that people have are unique to the person and not the same as the next person's and not able to be correctly brought under the one umbrella term, the same pathetic psychiatry invented label. Any time you use the label 'Schizophrenic' to define a person you are guilty of assaulting that person's humanity. They are a person, who has had problems, and a quack profession which has discovered nothing at all about anybody's biology has put a label on them, and how dare you call them by that label that they didn't even ask for, wanted no part of, yet was forced on them by the government. How dare you. How dare you even call yourself someone who has concern for people with personal problems if you're willing to decimate their lives by forcing toxic drugs and quack labels on them.

So many people in the psychiatric profession need to go to prison and be tried for crimes against humanity. How dare anybody be so arrogant as to put a label on somebody against their will. For shame.