The Inquiry is supported by national and international groups and organisations and individuals.

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Total signers:
Valentine, Paul

Service user involvement coordinator for Southern Health Trust

Social Perspectives Network for Modern Mental Health

A coalition of service users/survivors, carers, policy makers, academics, students, and practitioners interested in how social factors both contribute to people becoming distressed, and play a crucial part in promoting people’s recovery.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

A poor people's organization based in Toronto, Canada

The Tutu Foundation UK (Alexandra Ankrah)

Aims to build peace in fractured communities across England using a model inspired by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s peace and reconciliation work all over the world.

Coalition for Racial Justice (UK)

An organisation dedicated to shaping national policy on race issues and giving a voice to BME groups.


Total signers:
Wilson, Melanie
Arkle, Nick

Mental Health Nurse, working for the past 30+ years with people, not labels.

Makumbe, Hamufari

Client Services Coordinator for Mental Health Services in Aboriginal areas in Australia.

Soffe-Caswell, Janine

Clinical psychologist

Little, Lee

Psychiatric nurse, working and living in Denmark; contact person and facilitator for a hearing voices group within social psychiatry in the Copenhagen area.